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Chopda Education Society is an educational institute imparting quality education to about 5000 students from varied backgrounds.

Chopda Education Society was established on 9-1-1918. During the British era it was even difficult enough to think about opening a school in a small place like chopda because of the narrow minded attitude & conservative approach prevailing that time However, some progressive personalities in the town were trying their level best to open the school & make people aware about the outside world. Indian freedom struggle movement was in full swing. As a part of freedom movement. great patriot & visionary shet Gangadas Devchand persuaded Lokmanya Tilak to make a visit to chopda. Tilak visited this place on 3-12-1917 delivered two speeches which enthralled the masses. His inspirational talk inspired almost everyone in the town. Getting motivation from this – Vinayak Mohavir was an enthusiastic chap. who left his high paying job in collector’s office with the sole aim to serve the society. He along with Shet Nimdu Shamlal & others decided to open the school on 9-1-1918.Then it was called New English School.

Initially, the school was started with 10 students only at a very small place in a temple.

Many stalwarts were instrumental in expanding the school. The first executive council was comprising of shri Dwarkadas Ramdas shet, shri Nimdu Shamlal shet, Shri Nagindas Nathusa shet, Shri Hiralal Shamlal shet, Shri Motilal Kisandas shet,Shri Bhakandas Sakarlal shet, Shri Mahadev Keshav Mali and Shri Gangadas Devchand shet.
Later on Shri Motilal Manakchand shet alias Pratap shet donated a sizeable amount for the construction of a new building .In his gratitude name of the school was changed, and New English became Pratap Vidya Mandir on 28-2-1953.

Shri Kisandas Dwarakadas shet, Shri Maganlal Nagindas shet (alias Mothe Magan shet ),Shri Govardhandas Bhikaridas shet ( alias Babaji), Shri Ranchoddas Nagindas shet & Shri Vithaldas shet and other like minded visionaries made major contribution for the development of the institute.

The school which started with only ten students now boasts of more than 4000 students. And we witness a total of 8 educational offshoots. at 2 different locations.

  1. Pratap Vidya Mandir (Primary )
  2. Pratap Vidya Mandir ( Secondary )
  3. Pratap Vidya Mandir (Higher Secondary )
  4. Pratap Vidya Mandir ( English Medium School)
  5. Madhyamik Vidyalay – Nagalwadi
  6. College of Education (B.Ed)
  7. College of Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)
  8. Agriculture Polytechnic
  9. Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I.)

Many of our past students have reached high positions in the field of medicine, fine arts, engineering, literature, sports, Law, education, & politics.

What started as a simple single seed has now become a huge, enormous tree.


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